With temperatures above 75′ I feel like summer is already here! I bought these fabrics intending to make my son a variety of clothes in dark blue and citron. Color doesn’t always speak to me, my own preference being black, grey and denim. However I saw navy and citron in some quilting cotton designs, probably Cotton+Steel, and instantly recognized the beauty.

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

This year I was gifted a huge stack of Ottobre Designs magazines, most brand new! I love them! I use these almost exclusively now for children’s patterns. Their sizing is spot on, the designs are great, adding my own seam allowance is also ideal, and I love the simple instructions. It makes sewing a lot easier when you have one page to look at, not multiple illustrations and pages to turn.

Here is the beginning of his summer attire. He is almost 5 years old, and these are a size 116cm. He has some room to grow into them too!

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

The stripe navy and white top is simple, and I loved the width of the stripe helping to define easy hem lines. Simplicity itself!

I love the star corduroy, but it is so very thin I fear it will rip after one decent park adventure. Also, the corduroy picks up every piece of lint in my house (which is to say, very many!) and makes it look very dirty after an hour of playing. Cute design, unfortunate textile. Maybe all corduroy’s are like this? I haven’t worn them since the early 90’s (everyone remembers the forest green and maroon corduroys worn overly large right? With body suits?)

My kiddo loved them instantly and asked to wear them right away.

bird and bicycle boy's clothes pattern by ottobre designs

The star rivet on the back pocket was greatly admired, and then he demanded more star rivets and buttons on all his clothes. He has made quite the wish list of clothing items, and I love to indulge. Especially when it also seeks to gratify my own feelings.

Despite loving clothes, he does not like photographs of himself. Indeed he begs me not to be in the photos, but I insist. The joy of being the grownup prevails!

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

Further items on his list include a button up with star buttons, a soccer jersey, more pants and, specifically, no shorts. I could muse all day about his preferences, and never get any closer to his truth.

I hope you are all enjoying these warmer days and nights. For now it is almost 8pm, my kid is asleep, and I get to sew again. Ah, the joys of summer.

bird and bicycle boy summer clothes pattern by ottobre designs

Pajama Sewalong!

I swore up and down to my husband I wasn’t going to do another sewalong but then the pajama sewalong was announced and BAM!, I done changed my mind. It’s a relatively easy one, 6 pajama items sewn by the end of August.

The ease and flexibility won me over, as I am a lazy sewist who likes to dabble in a multitude of projects. This, however, actually works well for me. I could sew them large, and make my kiddo some winter pajamas. I could ahem, sew for myself, and make myself the 1940’s glamour robe I have long dreamed of since seeing Kathryn Hepburn in Adam’s Rib in high school (and again every few years to remind me of the necessity of my feminist ideals.)


So, I ask this of you friends: what are your favorite sewing patterns? Anything glamorous? Anything like a gorgeous satiny silky robe? Anything great with modern fitting for men (not the gigantic sizing with the big 4 patterns)? Any adorable pattern for little guys (size 5t.)

I would love to see any sleep wear you have made, or patterns you like. I may have to dig Pinterest for this and download it to my phone again!

Bicycling Capsule Wardrobe – the big finish!

And whew, I made it! I finished all 8 times before midnight, May 31st. I am proud of myself!


Here is my handsome bicycling partner in a merino wool shirt and stretch wool shorts (knickers? long shorts?) for Item 6.  Both patterns are from Thread Theory, the Strathcona Henley I color blocked for the shirt. The Jedediah pants I made into a long shorts in a stretch wool for bicycle commuting. The front slash pockets curve out a little bit, almost like slacks, but they are deep and with careful bar tack placement wallet or keys shouldn’t fall out.

stretch wool jedidiah shorts by bird and bicycle, pattern by thread theory

The back, you can just barely see my pocket topstitching. Maybe next time I will use some crazy reflective piping for some fun details for night cycling.

The 7th item are Jedediah denim shorts. A slight stretch to these, they came out perfect. I should have taken a picture of the insides, as they finish up so beautifully. Instead of following instructions and binding the waistbands from the inside, I simply folded under and tucked raw edges inside. It came out professional!

denim jedidiah shorts by bird and bicycle, pattern by thread theory

These are gorgeous shorts, and next time I may be brave and use a more obvious top stitching thread color. A nice red would go well with my red metal zipper and red bias tape tag on the back pocket.

denim jedidiah shorts by bird and bicycle, pattern by thread theory

Item 8 is the sailorish looking Paxson sweater! This is a wonderfully soft, stripe, fluffy sweat shirting. The black stripes are actually a dark denim pattern with lighter white flecks. Matching the stripes wasn’t so difficult, as the Seamwork Pattern Paxson is well designed. I will be making some slight adjustments for fit when I make a couple more  in a merino wool.

paxson sweater by bird and bicycle pattern from teamwork magazine

Well, I am happy to be done with my Sewing Seasonal Wardrobe from my Facebook sewalong group. Here is a brief recap:


Next up: kid’s summer and fall wardrobe!