Bike riding!

Spring is here! Summer is coming! I already have blisters and sunburns and sun tea is brewing in my yard. I couldn’t be happier.

Yesterday we spent most of the morning at the zoo and my toddler walked the zoo for 2 and a half hours! I was shocked.


The heron is getting cozy with penguins at Woodland Park Zoo.

He slept like a gentle giant, and afterwards we rewarded ourselves with some time gardening followed by a bike ride!


I love my giant. The cafe was nearly empty, as it was cloudy me cool in the late afternoons. I enjoy riding with him in the trailer, but long for a bike where we can talk together. Someday we will get a mid tail, I love the look of the Kona minute, I say “mini-ute” but my hubs tells me it’s “MinUte” and the edge runner has long been a desire of mine. Someday, someday soon I hope.

My sewing is not yet unpacked, but I couldn’t resist the Pattern Parcel this morning! I have long wanted the bombshell swimsuit, and the shorts pattern and knit tunic really caught my attention. I own zero shorts! What?! Crazy I know.

Leila posted about her own wardrobe shortfalls, and sewing up the gaps. I need to get my sewing unpacked so I can whip up some summer clothes now! And eventually, I have to buy the tania culottes. They are a bit pricey, but look so worth it for bike rides!

Hope you all and enjoying your own summer!

Ps: sorry I didn’t link to anything like Leila or the pattern parcel! I am posting from my phone until we have the Internet set up at our new place next week.

Sewing for a little lady

I love sewing for my niece Nicole. She is a fiery little red head with the sweetest dimples you have ever seen. She lives in Kansas so I usually have to sew and hope it fits.

Today my whole family is in town for a wedding. So I am lucky to get to see her in clothes I have especially made. I choose a sweet little chintz dress in delicate pink, with silk-cotton bloomers. It is a little big, maybe even a lot big, but Nicole loves it and did a little dance in my garden to show me just how much. The dress is from an Ottobre pattern Marilen, and I adapted a pants pattern in the same magazine called Candy into these bloomers.




I am happy to share my favorite pattern to make for little girls. The rolypoly pinafore by imagine gnats patterns. It is a very quick make and a simple way to add a layer. I like it for an art smock or apron as well. In warmer climates you could pair it with shorts and no under shirt too. I just love it!



I love having a little girl to sew for. Thanks for reading and letting me share my family with you.


Sewing for Bikes!

My family are bikers, bike riders that is! Not like every day cyclists, but often, usually with a kid, and we have big plans to take multiple bike camping adventures this summer. What better reason do I have to sew for than my favorite outside activity?

Let me share with you my first bike jersey! My husband looks smashing in his super bright bike jersey! (We met biking. He always had extra snacks when we road together. He obviously knew how to win me over!) I actually made this in November, but forgot about blogging about it as it was in use by my husband.

men's bike jersey handmade by bird and bicycle

My partner is 6’5 and so I made the largest size of the green pepper patterns men’s jersey (yes they have a ladies version too!). My only adjustment was to add 1.5″ to the length, which I did without actually measuring him as it was a surprise gift. Now I see he doesn’t need that much length, as the pattern includes the extra length needed for being in a riding position (hunched over the bars, that is.)

The sleeves I cut to the end of the fabric selvedge, so it has a nice finished edge without me having to do anything to it. I am so happy it turned out so well! Hemming spandex can be challenging. However it made the sleeves about 6″ longer than the short sleeve version of the pattern, which will make this jersey a bit too warm for August (our one summer month in Seattle.)

green pepper bike jersey pattern, hand made by bird and bicycle, men's bike jersey

For my next version I will use a sweat wicking fabric, reflective details, no pockets, and remove the added length. He is building up a Big Dummy cargo bike for his day to day rides and won’t need to carry anything on his person while he pedals soon. So jealous!

This month is #30daysofbiking and May is #biketoworkmonth! Will you be out on the bike? If you see a gent in this jersey, wave hello and tell him how good his jersey is for me would you?

I love this pattern and found it a cinch with my serger. I love the simple styling, the easy directions, and the choice of multiple fabrics. The zipper wasn’t too tricky to insert, making this the best pattern for bike clothes ever. Can anyone recommend awesome Lycra fabric for jerseys? I am always in the lookout for top-notch active wear fabrics. A wool with Lycra would be ideal too!

What do you like to wear while riding your bike?